8x12 Shed Plans

picture of 8x12 shed completely finished

Our free 8x12 shed planfile_download can be downloaded as a pdf file with pictures and diagrams. The plan is complete and highlights a basic peak rooftop, swinging doors, and side and back windows for common lighting. With full-tallness dividers and entryways, there’s plentiful space for putting away huge things or making a comfortable workspace. An alternative ramp, made of wood, helps in moving lawn mowers or other machinery in and out.

The shed’s basic construction makes it versatile for various applications. For instance, with very little effort you can put in extra windows. Increased vision is a good idea if you want to use the shed as a place for preparing potted plants. Installing peripheral windows will likewise create a pleasant space for a workshop.

If you dedicate the space to storage, leave out the windows. This way you will maximize wall space and increase the areas for added shelving.

The completion materials for the fundamental shed are consistent and selected for strength and utility. The roof construction uses asphalt rooftop shingles. It makes the siding of plywood and straightforward, practical trim subtleties. The choice of either buying fitted pre-hung entry doors or constructing your own using the shed plans is a decision that only you can make.

As with any do-it-yourself project, advanced preparation is always worthy.

Before even picking up a hammer, check with your local planning commission. You may need a "building permit." from the city or county to build a shed. In this age of rules and regulations, the probability is likely. If you are maintaining a project cost sheet, include the cost of any required "building permit."

If you have resolved the issue regarding the "building permit," then move on to the building phase. Select the exact locality for placement. Most of us plan the location contemplating access to electricity and water. Water is important if you want a potting shed. The closer to services, the less expensive to plumb from the source to the shed.

It’s a good idea to measure out the dimensions of the selected ground. The measuring procedure is easy and important. Get four stakes, twine or string and a large tape measure. Choose a starting point and drive one stake into the ground. Pull out twelve feet on the tape measure and drive another stake at the 12-foot mark. Now you have your length. The next move is to mark the width. Measure 8 feet perpendicular or ninety degrees from the last stake. At that point drive in the third stake. Return to the first stake and measure 8 feet at ninety degrees. At that final point, drive your last stake into the ground. Tie your cord or string to stake number one and pull it taut while walking around each of the stakes. Be sure to wrap the cord around each stake as you pass each one.

You can now stand back and observe the rectangular shape you just created. This helps if you can visualize the position of the completed shed. Look carefully and observe clearance from any other dwelling. Make sure you have provided ample room for drainage of rain or snowmelt. You want to prevent any water damage.

At this point you may have observed our free pdf file and realized that the simple 8x12 shed plan would be an easy undertaking. You would be correct since this simple design makes it an easy project for anyone with Do It Yourself abilities. The pictures and details within the file can stimulate your imagination towards multiple modifications.

However, you may want something with a little difference in size and design. We can show you 12000 different shed plans.