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Hello, my name is Nathan Katz. Many years age, actually about 1998, I started a company called "Kaktus Productions." I had tried to obtain the domain name "Cactus," however, it was already taken, so, I settled on misspelling it with K's instead of C's.

As the years went by, I would come up with an idea for a web site, build it, and finally launch it on the "World Wide Web." All of these websites are owned by me or the flagship company Kaktus Productions. This web site, domain name 8x12shedplans.com is also part of that group.

This web site Kaktus Productions (dba) 8x12shedplans.com is used by many to obtain information relating to storage sheds. Specifically, we address those who are interested in a shed that is eight feet by twelve feet.

If your desire is to build an eight by twelve storage shed, then we hope we can help you get started.

We have an elaborate set of plans and information guide that includes amount of lumber and tools needed. We even provide information about the floor. The best part is that you can download all of this from our web site right now.

The plans kit comes in "PDF" format and can be accessed by clicking on the word "Download Shed Plan" which is located at the bottom of this page and at the end of the navigation links.

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