Storage Shed Plans

If you find yourself considering the best option to store some of your belongings, then sheds are one of the best choices. The addition of a shed can be a way of expanding a commercial or residential space. It can be considered as a small advancement project that can make a big difference in how it feels to relax and work in your yard. Imagine quickly accessing your garden tools and other equipment from your small shed near the backyard or bicycles in a disorderly state in your garage well arranged in your storage shed.

Sheds have long been used for the storage of items like lawn mowing equipment, gardening tools, outdoor toys, and other tools. A large or small shed strategically placed on the property can be a valuable outdoor storage space for all belongings that do not fit or belong inside the house or garage. A shed can also be used as a workshop. While you can build or buy a shed, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before making a choice. The information below highlights all you are required to know about storage shed plans.

Advantages and disadvantages of building a shed

When you consider making your shed, then here are some of the benefits that come along. First, as the constructor of the shed, you have full control over its design, which is essential since you will be able to build the shed to fulfill your exact needs. Another advantage is that it will be cheaper to construct a shed because you only have to pay for the materials and tools, which means that the cost of labor is excluded.

You can also build your shed based on your schedule, which can be considerably quicker than having a professional do it. Since professionals often have other projects, they may not dedicate themselves entirely to your specific project. Additionally, you may have to spend some time supervising the work being done. The main disadvantages of building your shed are that a lot of effort is used, while a great deal of time will be required when making a shed despite having more creative control.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a shed

If building the shed will take too much of your time or you prefer purchasing one for convenience, then purchasing the shed is the ideal option. Though you may end up spending a little more in terms of cost, you will have conserved great effort and time. Another advantage is the fact that professionals are involved in building the shed, then you are assured of quality work.

One of the disadvantages of buying a shed is that it is expensive. Though more time is saved, you will be charged more because of labor and other additional costs. Another disadvantage is that the shed you intend to purchase may not precisely fit your taste. Generally, you should consider money and the intended use of your shed before buying a shed for your home. We will consider an 8×12 storage shed plan. Some typical materials used for sheds include;

Wood- it is one of the most appealing material to use for a shed, but unfortunately, it is the most difficult to use and very expensive. Wood sheds need strong foundations, which can be a challenging step in the construction process. Wood also requires additional protection from weather damage, fungus, rot, and insects.

Metal sheets- are other materials, which are a lot cheaper compared to wood and are resistant to insect damage or fire. Nevertheless, metal sheets may rust over time, but for if you need something tough, you can use costly aluminum sheets. Also, metal is not visually attractive, and the sharp protruding metal on the corners may be dangerous, especially to children. Plastic- it is one of the cheapest materials that is tougher and lighter than wood. Furthermore, it needs very little maintenance since it is not liable to most forms of damage like rot or insects. The disadvantage of plastic is that it does not offer a variety of decorative options compared to wood.

Engineered wood- is also another material that sorts out the problems experienced when using traditional wood, such as rot, moisture damage, and bugs. It is more expensive than common wood but can serve well in the construction of a shed.

Vinyl- It is a form of plastic made up of chlorine and ethylene that is more durable and stronger. It is the most expensive material to use for a shed. However, if you are willing to pay the cost, then a vinyl shed will be a great option that can withstand the weather conditions.

How you design your shed depends on your taste and creativity. It can be a simple bare wooden structure, or it can have a plumbing or electrical wiring like a small house. Windows can be added to allow in natural light, while insulation and the drywall can keep out the cold. You can also design a shed to match the form of a house for a pleasant look.

How do I calculate the cost of constructing a shed?

Similar to many construction plans, the price of building a shed is calculated by the square foot. Building materials required, factors like travel cost, labor costs, plus operating costs determine the price per square foot of the storage shed plan. The figure obtained is then multiplied by the square feet put down in the shed plan to give the total cost. For instance, if you have shed plans 8x12, then you need to add the value of the materials you are using based on that size plus the cost of labor and other additional costs to get the total cost. It is essential to have an idea of the shed material you want when you enquire about cost estimates.

The good thing about an 8×12 shed is that it is big enough to store all your garden tools as it offers an interior space of 96 square feet. If you are thinking of creating more space in this shed, then you can increase the height of the wall and use a roofing design that will add space to store your décor and boxes. Think of rafters that will enable you to hang your tools to have everything fit in. Now that we have the height figured out, you can think of adding shelves to keep the floor area accessible and open. Whether you decide to build the shed alone, hire a professional or buy the shed instead, you should ask yourself some of these questions;

Do I need a permit?

Make sure you find out the local building codes to determine whether you require a permit to build a shed. Where should I position the shed? Based on the size of your property, you can have several options on where to place your shed. For instance, you can opt to build it near the house to make running water and power easy to install.

What is my budget?

If your budget is tight, you can construct or buy a cheap shed that gets your job done. If you have more money, you can have additional features such as a decorative trim on the outside and integrated shelving in the interior.

Other than cost, you need to consider whether you have the appropriate skills to build the shed yourself or else you will need a professional. Having all these in mind, then you are aware of the various materials to use in building a shed and the factors to consider before building a shed. Depending on the intended purpose of the shed, they can be of different types, ranging from a home office shed, artist shed, workshop or craft shed, potting shed, or even a playhouse for kids.

Now that you know what to expect from your 8×12 storage shed. You can shop or build one that will perfectly fit your style and taste.